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We recently added Videography and Day of Coordination to our list of services. 

We also partner with other professional vendors in the area including officiants, hair & makeup artists, and bakery's to give you the best all around experience. Contact us today for more info!



I have been doing photography for over 7 years but only recently got into videography. I have always loved editing videos and combining footage reels, but filming everything on my own and capturing the audio AS WELL as video is new to me. The following are some recent edits.. but be warned they are pretty rough! Many of them were captured when I was just a guest at the wedding, not the actual videographer so I didn't have all my microphones and gear with me. I have also invested in some new equipment since putting these videos together. If you want to see more of my past editing work, visit my youtube channel or feel free to reach out for more details!

Stay tuned for additional highlight films coming soon!

Wedding Day Coordination

You've probably been to a wedding or two where everything didn't go exactly as planned. Maybe the cake arrived late, the DJ didn't get the memo about not playing the type of music bride told him to avoid, or someone completely forgot to get the shot list to the photographer, so some important family photos are missing. If you hire me, I promise to make sure none of those things happen!

It's your wedding day. You shouldn't be worried about every little detail. Let me do that for you!

Flower Arrangement 2
Flower Arrangement 1

With over 6 years of project management & coordination experience, I pride myself on being a highly dedicated individual. Trust me, if you tell me X, Y and Z needs to happen at X time, I will make sure it happens. Attention to detail is important to me, as is making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Call today to see how I can take the stress of day-of festivities off of your hands!